A Blog By Someone Who Hasn’t Won Yet



I love the PF blogosphere. The lifestyles documented by my frugal heroes are what have opened my eyes up to an alternate, more genuine, more free way of living. I have always been interested in personal finance (go figure, since I’ve been in debt since my first day of university!) and I’ve always known debt is bad and it must be paid ASAP, but it was the blogs themselves that pushed me forward beyond simply ‘knowing’ that debt is terrible and I must change my ways. They have inspired and shown me that life doesn’t need to be lived as a consumer, and have contributed insurmountably to my new money mindset and philosophy.

Declaration of love aside, I must admit that there is a tiny part of me that doesn’t feel connected with the PF blogosphere. I soak up all I can, and I believe in learning from those who have already been down the path I want to be on. I appreciate and admire those who have created plans and followed through on them.

However, I myself am not a successfully reformed frugalist just yet. I don’t have the utmost confidence in my frugality. I relapse. I get depressed. My lifestyle is not yet in a comfortable frugal groove where my friends and family around me acknowledge and respect my lifestyle choice, and where I have a rich treasure trove of frugal companions. I’m still the Desperado – I’ve exiled myself to the outskirts of the spendthrift consumerist lifestyle and most days I feel like I’m in the wilderness alone. I’m not yet at the lush, glorious oasis where I imagine my PF role models residing, and I’m trying to get as far removed from the consumerist core I’ve been trying to keep my back firmly turned away from. I’m still in limbo, en route a long journey in the barren badlands between consumer town and that rich oasis that’s still so far away in the distance.

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