A Little Dusty From The Ashes


I’m back, friends. After The Big Situation of 2017 (already!) I took some time off the interwebs to recalibrate. I was feeling icky about the downsizing at work, I was feeling even more icky about turning to my old demon of shopping to console myself, and it was obvious I needed a timeout to think of healthier ways to get some TLC.

After taking some time out to think about a big-picture, all-encompassing self-care plan, I can report I feel refreshed and excited to implement some healthy, frugal habits. When writing the title for this post, I was filled with gusto and thoughts such as”Rising from the Ashes!” or “Phoenix Rises!” and other ridiculous sentiments came to mind, to which I gave a nod to terrible millenial-vernacular and thought “lolz”and took myself down a few notches. It’s more like a hobble out of the ashes…covered in dust… coughing up little dustballs. A little worse for wear, but out of the rubble nonetheless.

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Firing Squad



This week was a heavy one at work. On Tuesday morning we all walked into our workplace, but over a dozen of us were gone by lunch. I was not on the chopping block, but losing so many co-workers so suddenly has really shaken us all up. There’s nothing like a job scare to really get you facing the cold hard facts about your financial stability.

It’s funny that the mood in the office has been one of doom and gloom; aren’t the rest of us supposed to be sighing a deep exhale now, knowing we’re still gainfully employed? I’ve been through restructuring before and always on the better side of it, but it never has once felt good, or even mildly relieving to still be employed. I’ve realized that no matter if you land on the better side of the coin, you will inevitably look at your departed coworkers and think, “what in the world would I do if that was me?”

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My Frugal Start to the Year

 Happy 2017 everyone! I hope you all have started the year with optimism and a look ahead to a frugal yet fun year!

I laid down some important groundwork before I got into the day-to-day frugalism I plan to live by. First, I negotiated a much lower line of credit with a bank and moved over a chunk of debt to it, shutting down a higher interest LOC along with it. I also put $1000 towards my credit card and managed to put nothing new on it or on any of my other debt vehicles. I’ll write a current round up post shortly.

Now when it comes to the day-to-day, I’ve flown under the radar since well before the holidays. Granted, I was sick with a bad flu but even before it hit, I knew I wanted a cozy few weeks where I can cook, declutter and plan for the year ahead. I’ve spent $23 since January 1st, and it’s just been on groceries. I personally can’t believe it either.

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2017: The Plan


I’m a bit late on the new year’s money plan posts, but I’ve been stewing on my plans for a while now (while also fighting the flu, which may jsut be the real reason for the lack of posting). There were a few different paths for me to choose from, but I think I got it down.

There are a few different ways I considered approaching a budget: zero sum, traditional budget with an amount assigned to each category, the envelope method, etc. I find value in all of these. While wanting to follow a budget, I also wanted to up the ante on my shopping ban and go forward with a Buy Nothing New Year for 2017. So in the spirit of a buy nothing new year, I’ve come up with a plan.

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