No Spend Challenge April – the Summary


April came and went and boy, do I have some mixed emotions on my No Spend Challenge.

To start, I’d like to report that I’ve magically managed, for the first time in ohhhh, let’s say about 14 years, go a whole month while only spending money on my pre-determined grocery budget. Even as a backpacking student meandering with near-empty pockets through other continents, I managed to find a way to break away and go buy a trinket, a shawl, some memento – maybe more for the need to buy something than for the actual souvenir (as a sidenote, isn’t that awful? I couldn’t break away from shopping even as a broke backpacking 23 year old…these rivers run deep).

Normally, I would be thrilled to report this. I managed to accomplish something that I truly, in my heart, wasn’t certain I could do because of the innumerable failed attempts. But no… I’ve had some unexpected bad luck some darken my doorstep that’s robbed me of the joy I was hoping to have over this big accomplishment. 

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