October Mid-Way Point



Today is the mid-way point of my super-frugal October, and I kicked it off by going to the bank and making a $1000 dollar payment to a line of credit. Gosh darn it, it felt great!

I had to accumulate the funds over the course of two regular paycheques (I get paid bi-weekly) and waited for some side hustle money trickle in over the month to get to my solid $1000. It felt so good looking at my bank account over this past month and seeing it grow as opposed to deplete. The old me in my pre-FD days had never left hundreds of dollars and eventually a grand just sitting in her bank account, accruing – after rent and bills and credit card minimums, it would’ve been blown on nights out, oodles of fancy restaurant food and pretty dresses until it hit a big fat ZERO, and then do it all again next pay day. I am much happier now on this side of the fence 🙂

So how was October so far? Well, I came down with a pricey bronchitis that still has not gone away. I hate whining about the cost of getting sick because I am incredibly grateful for Canada’s universal healthcare; I know it’s a blessing that seeing my doctor didn’t cost me a dime. However the roughly $60 I spent on over-the-counter and herbal meds hurt the pocket, especially when I’m trying to be super frugal this month!

I tried my best to avoid the costs I knew could rack up when dealing with a cold/flu/bronchitis from hell. When I first started to get sick I tried every natural remedy I could find in the fridge/pantry first – apple cider vinegar, garlic, cayenne pepper, turmeric, you name it! – and then finally succumbed to buying vitamin c tablets, oil of oregano and a homeopathic mix that had been recommended to me. When I got full-fledged, help-me-God level sick I was away on a week-long work conference and went through 2 entire boxes (!) of Tylenol cold and flu and several lozenge boxes in an effort to keep my symptoms suppressed during the sessions and not just be a super-distracting, loud, hacking ball of phlegm (sorry). However in good news, I rocked two exams last weekend for my work course that were pre-paid earlier in the year (my apologies for aforementioned hacking to everyone else in the exam room) so no extra money to shell out there.

How is everyone’s October coming along so far?




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    1. Thanks so much, Pru! This win has been such a propeller to keep trodding on and going forward!
      Oh goodness, so sorry to hear you’re feeling unwell too. On top of feeling poorly, the “ick” factor of being a ball of phlegm is so uncomfortable – I silently apologize to people on subways, libraries, etc. for having to be subjected to my hacking. My coworkers are not especially not so thrilled! I hope you feel better soon x

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