The Round-Up



My debt monster can be quantified. It has a precise figure, it knows a certain shape and form. A fluid one, mind you, but with the tendency to grow larger. I know there’s no way to conquer debt without first facing it and looking it squarely in the eye to size it up, so here goes.

Behold, my debt:

  • Visa: $18,000 (19.99%)
  • Line of Credit 1:  $12,000 (8.80%)
  • Line of Credit 2: $13,270 (7%)
  • Personal loan: $20,000 (2% – family loan)

My commercial debt comes to $43,270.

Add in the personal loan from a family member, and the official number I’ve burdened my life with is $63,270.00.

I just turned 30, and I have over $60K of debt to my name, with no car, no home, no investment property to show for it. I’ve got here because of wanting to live a certain life. I got here because of the trips, the dinners out, and the big gaping chasm that demands I fill it with more things to make me feel more complete.

The buck stops here.



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