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My Shopping Ban was going great….for a whole 3 days. No, I haven’t pulled my credit cards out of the freezer and thawed the ice block they’re in (yes, I do that) and gone on off on a shopping spree followed by an impromptu flight to Vegas (yes, I’ve *unfortunately* done that) but I have had unexpected – yet necessary – expenses I couldn’t have ever predicted. In less than a week, my landlords told me they’re selling the place, scrambled to find a new one, and moved out 4 days later. It’s as bad as it sounds.

I won’t get into the whole kit and caboodle of the saga with my landlords and their pushy real estate agent; I get a headache at the thought of it and I trust you will too. However I will note this little birdie brushed up on her tenant rights real quick and gave them a list of serious grievances I could report (from no Notice of Leave, to not giving me 60 days, to never giving us 24-hour notice before entering into my apartment for showings) so we worked out a little deal. If I move out by November 1st (this was October 28th, mind you) not only would I not need to pay for November – which is a given anyways – but they’ll give me my last month’s rent back. Seeing Toronto rents (including mine) are bonkers and 2 months’ worth of rent is a pretty penny, I got to packing!

So although the good in this situation outweighs the extreme panic of getting all of this done in a week (which I say because I looove my new place, and it has far more bang for my buck being about 300 sq ft bigger for almost the same rent), I still had to move. The deal we worked out with my landlord washed out the first and last month rent for the new apartment (yay!), but moving doesn’t happen for free (boo). I tell myself that these costs are most definitely not shopping and I haven’t bought anything, so technically, the ban has been upheld; however it’s not fun forking over moving truck money after I’ve committed to a pattern of staunch frugality institututed by the shopping ban. Le sigh.

In good news, the only costs involved were renting out the moving truck, gas, and re-directing our mail. I scrounged up boxes from the mailroom at work and my partner and I along with a good friend covered the actual move. Okay I lie, we also had pizza costs, as aforementioned good friend said he’d help if payment was in pizza (my favourite currency).

In more good news, my partner and I have made an official decision to not buy a single new home item for our new place. Those who’ve been following me and my metamorphosis into the Frugal Desperado have picked up that my partner is on the spendy side (this topic deserves a blog post, as it’s a source of contention in my household), so this is kind of a big deal. He is significantly more “bougie” than I am so I was convinced he was going to sneer at the thought of bringing over our worn-out well-loved bathmats and coffee table and … err, pretty much all our home decor (I find decorating a home to look even somewhat cohesive very intimidating, so I just don’t bother with it at all. Do I go with neutrals? Cozy country theme? Scandinavian minimalist? Theme colours? I can’t deal). The agreement to make due with what we have is definitely a little win in my books, and keeps the shopping ban firmly in place.

So that was the blip in my ban. No shopping was done, but definitely had to cough up some cash I wish I didn’t have to part with. The upside is I’m no longer living in an over-priced shoebox and have moved into a place I feel I can actually entertain in, which means I can be a little less antisocial and have a little more frugal fun.

Have you had a surprise situation that messed up your budget/spending ban? How did you handle it?


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  1. FD – you owe yourself a very big clap on the back! Brava! Well done. I had to move out very quickly once years ago but I had 2 weeks and it was well a nightmare. Cannot imagine 3 days. But here’s the thing: this is life and *stuff* happens. This is one experience that you will remember
    f o r e v e r. And this is where having a bit of cash put to the side with no debt comes in handy. So add this to the list of experiences that will continue to motivate you on this journey.

    Oh and it is a MUST to have pizza (and usually beer) whenever a move is done. A MUST!!!

    Again – well done you!
    ~ Pru

    1. Thank you, Pru!! It is indeed an experience I’ll always remember, this is for certain! It definitely did drive home yet again why being in a financially healthy state is such an important goal to move towards – I could’ve avoided this stress (as well as many other stressful scenarios) if I wasn’t as hard-pressed for cash as I am now. I hope to take some cues from you one day sooner rather than later – making smart investment decisions and having an awesome mortgage pay-down plan! You’re an inspiration!

      Let’s be real here – the pizza (and there may or may not have been beer 😉 ) is what got us through this move! Nothing quite motivates me quite like cheese and carbs!

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